About Us


Hi - I'm Dave Lamb, CEO of On Site Rep and this is my wife, Lindsay, President of On Site Rep. 

I’ve always been known as a resource for people to call whenever they needed a plumber, electrician, or HVAC technician.  So, when a dear friend of mine, Gary, who manages a 10,000 square foot office building and 700,000 square foot mixed-use warehouse reached out with a “laundry list” of projects and services that needed done between both buildings, I got an idea…what if I created a company that:

  • Harnessed relationships with contractors and trade professionals, qualifying them based on quality of work, cost, and safety.
  • Simplified a method by which my friend could either call or submit the litany of things needed at his buildings.
  • Efficiently allow him to clear items off his ever-growing “TO DO” list

Introducing On Site Rep, the Commercial Building Concierge

What started as a regional service to help Gary at his buildings has grown to providing real estate professionals with a single resource for all their facility needs across the United States.  With over 1000 relationships with the leading trade professionals by discipline, On Site Rep quickly qualifies, sources, and deploys what is needed at your building in Tennessee or your portfolio that spans all 50 states.